What to expect

Why do we do what we do?

We have been and still are really passionate and caring about helping you regain or manage your own health better over 20+ years now. And we take great pleasure and joy in helping a variety of people get back on track so they can do the things they want to do in life.


How do we do it?

Firstly by creating a calm and open space we enable you to freely express the challenges and struggles that you may have.

We then listen with great precision to and objectify your needs.

Mapping  out all your physical and mental symptoms and ask you more about those symptoms.

We start to form a rough picture about the potential source(s) and relationship of those symptoms.

The physical assessment can provide us with more clarity where your body may require some assistance and where best to start.

Finally we discuss in 2 or 3 steps how we can both monitor the progress towards your positive health outcome(s) and what kind of treatment options could accelerate this process.

We like to work in an open, honest and authentic way.