The latest research has shown that persistent and long term overactive stress response can lead to a hypervigilence of our attention and develop an allostatic load – this is like a physiological wear and tear of the body and can cause:
. immune dysregulation (with increase chance of infection and inflammation),
. hardening of the arteries (increase in cardiovascular disease)
. metabolic problems (increase in bloodpressure, blood fats, sugars and weight gain around the trunk)
. osteoporosis
. higher chance of development of Alzheimers (atrophy of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex which regulates our
ability to learn, memory and executive functions of the brain)
. growth of the amygdala (this is where our fear and stress centers are located in the brain)
We often tend to cope by eating, drinking too much or seek other distractions like drinking, watching too much TV or other additive behaviors.
Although some behaviours can create a sense of instant gratification, unfortunately it seldom gives a structural solution and there are more effective methods like:
– mind and attention training
– ability to change our perception towards the problem
– being more focused and less distracted
We offer a 6 week “tame your busy mind course” in Grange over Sands and body-mind treatments to assist with more persistent problems or for clients who prefer a more personal approach. The latter can also be combined with the SPA facilities at the Grange Hotel┬áto give yourself the treat at you deserve from time to time!