“Having a practical job and having been heavily involved in sports from an early age, I have had my fair share of bumps and breaks. As a result I have seen several GPs, physiotherapists, consultants, and chiropractors (both NHS and privately). During these treatments I have had some sub standard treatment and advice; “change your career”, “ibuprofen and a bit of rest is all you need”, “it’s maybe time to stop being so active”, “maybe come back in 4-6 weeks and we could have another look”…
Since being treated by Sioelan from Lakes Physio however, I have seen how amazing healthcare and physiotherapy can be. I initially booked to see Sioelan following an injury to my lower back. I booked a series of appointments hoping for some physiotherapy to get me back on track. In reality I got so much more. Sioelan delivers high quality consultation/treatment and was very focused on my needs, where I needed to get to, and what I needed my body to be able to do. Her patient centred approach not only looked at the injury I had, but also lots of other factors. I came away from the series of consultations/treatments feeling positive about recovery from injury, with a better knowledge of managing my body and reducing the chance of future issues, skills to keep me motivated and mobile, and in an improved physical condition.
Sioelan is technically fantastic and has an amazing knowledge of injury rehabilitation and how to effectively treat her patients, but combined with this she is an excellent ‘people person’ and has a great set of soft skills to make you feel welcomed, relaxed, positive, and valued.
I would, and have, recommended Sioelan to others and will continue to use her fantastic services in the future.
Sioelan has played a crucial role in ensuring I am able to continue doing the job I love, and spending my leisure time on a doing the things that ‘keep me ticking’.
Highly recommended.”
G. Little ( Outdoor instructor and coach)

“Sioelan makes me a happy man. I’ve suffered with back pain for over 10 years and took painkillers daily to get through work. I’ve spent money on other physio’s and chiropractors which only resulted in short term relief. Sioelan listened to my problems and suggested acupuncture, something which I’ve never had before and something I didn’t think would work. After a few sessions my back feels the best it has in years and I can get through a day’s work without painkillers. I continue to see Sioelan for various other aches and pains and would highly recommend to anyone suffering”.
M. Bradford (Contract Welder)

“I started having problems with my shoulder and neck and the situation got progressively worse.  Having a desk job and sitting during the day seemed to exacerbate the problem.  I tried taking pain killers, and I started using heat pads on a regular basis but I was getting no relief and was in constant pain.

I attended Lakes Physio and had an initial assessment with Sioelan who assured me that the problem was in fact treatable with acupuncture.  Although I was a bit sceptical to begin with I commenced the treatment, and attended each week.  Initially the pain intensified as Sioelan predicted (although I was still able to continue going to the gym, I just had to take it a bit easier). After about 3 sessions I started to notice a difference and my condition really began to improve.

I was really impressed with Sioelan she was very professional and I can’t thank her enough for her help. It was such a relief to find that the acupuncture was so effective, it was just amazing.

A few months later I started to have a problem with the other shoulder and I just didn’t hesitate to go back again and have some acupuncture as soon as the symptoms began.

Since having the last course of treatment I have been fine, back to full fitness attending Insanity and Spin classes with no problems whatsoever. Sioelan has provided me with the advice and techniques to hopefully prevent any re-occurrence.

I am committed to taking the advice but if I do have any sign of musculoskeletal problems at all in the future I would not hesitate to go back

Sioelan provides fantastic professional friendly treatment that really works. It is life changing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyoneer.

(A, Clyde, HR manager)

“I have, on a few occasions needed to use physiotherapy and have used Sioelans services, her knowledge of different approaches to an injury is immense. I have had ultrasound, acupuncture and cupping depending on the injury site and progressive home exercises. She treats the whole person and as a result I am walking straighter and taller than ever before with more core strength to help protect myself for the future. Thank you Sioelan”
K. Harris (retired International Hotel manager)