Physiotherapy treatments

Hands on Treatments

The medical and physical examination is often followed by one or a combination of these treatments:Lower Back Therapy

Treatment includes all means of hands on work and could include, but is not limited to, soft tissue and connective tissue mobilisation, myofascial
release, mobilizations of neural tissue, joints and spinal segments (including high velocity midrange osteopathic techniques).

Thigh muscle treatment

When correctly applied these techniques often result in dramatic improvement of the signs and symptoms of aches and pains.

This type of therapy is very successful when treating and relieving neck and back pain, muscle tightness and also when realigning postural problems.


This type of treatment covers a wide range of aches, pains and injuries and can run alongside more hands on treatment with good success.

Specifically to ‘re’ train the body to perform the activities it was able to carry out prior to the onset of injury.
Common examples are poor muscle activity of the muscles around the hip, knee and ankle or insufficient control of the postural muscles surrounding the neck, lower back and shoulders.

Pelvic Control Exercises

At Lakes Physio we provide the highest level of rehabilitation with 1 to 1 treatment to ensure rapid recovery from injury.

We have many years of experience in dealing with everything from a minor sprained ankle to chronic low back pain.


We offer assessments of the way you walk or run and aim to find solutions to the aches and pains that are a result of any mis alignment within your body.


From the analysis it is possible to prescribe a treatment and rehabilitation package that will ensure you not only recover but also remain injury free when doing your chosen activity.

Solutions may include manual therapy to address any restrictions within your joints or muscles, exercise rehabilitation to re-train the movement dysfunction in your body; and possible referral to a podiatrist who may help with foot orthoses for a more positive alignment from the foot up..

FUNCTIONAL TAPING Functional fascial taping (FFT)
At Lakes Physio we offer a unique taping method from Australia introduced by Ron Alexander the founder of FFT.

Functional fascial taping is an innovative and unique taping technique that can create an immediate analgesic effect (pain relief) and increase range of movement. FFT is allowing you to return to work and rehabilitation earlier and the sports person is able to maintain higher levels of sports training and competition.


Can be helpful to relief pain by placing the needles on specific (acupuncture) points on the body. Acupuncture can stimulate nerves and increase the production of endorfine (a natural hormone that helps with relief pain) or release triggerpoints (very tight knotted muscles). After the painrelief and/or the release of muscle tightness your body is able to restore to its normal function.
We can offer alternative treatment if you are either not suitable for acupuncture or if you are not keen on needles!